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Become a Partner

Steps to become a Partner and an overview of the two Partnership levels


As a DNS Research Federation Partner you join community of fully Accredited organisations who share the same values and agree to strict terms of data-sharing and community protocols.

You will have access to a wealth of information and benefits. Please review our Tiers page for the latest information about benefits, data quotas and benefits. We offer Partnership at two levels:

  1. Partner - Commercial and non-commercial organisations
  2. Premium Partner- Large organisations, donors, strategic funders.

Start the process to become a Partner

To become a Partner:

  1. Ensure that your organisation is already Accredited with the DNS Research Federation. Review further information about getting Accredited.
  2. Send an email to [email protected] from an accredited email address stating your interest in becoming a DNS Research Federation Partner, and one of our Partnership Team to respond to you. 
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