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Getting Accredited

A summary of the Accreditation process, criteria and steps to proceed

Join a thriving community

As an Accredited member of the DNS Research Federation you join a community of organisations and individuals who share the same values - to advance the understanding of the Domain Name System’s impact on cybersecurity, policy and technical stands.

The DNS Research Federation Community includes government officials, security experts and organisations, public safety organisations, academic institutions, and the Internet technical community. You can be proud to show that you are Accredited.

Security & safety

As you would expect, the Accreditation process includes a number of security and safety checks to ensure that our membership is made up of individuals and organisations who share the same values, meet our Accreditation criteria, and respect the value of the data that we share, and of those who share their data with us.

General guidelines

Although we do not spell out the Accreditation process we provide some general guidelines to help get you started.

  • All Accreditation is completed by our Accreditation committee. There is no automated Accreditation service. We do not approve all applications, and for security purposes we do not publish our full accreditation process.
  • We welcome applications from public safety officials from Budapest Convention countries and other organisations that share our values.
  • The first applicant from any organisation or organisational unit within a larger organisation should have authority to enter into a strict data-use agreement on behalf of the organisation, and to act as an Administrator for the organisation, and to approve others users who may wish to join from the same organisation.
  • We rely on references for all committee members, Partners and subscribers, and it will speed up the Accreditation process if you are known to others associated with our organisation, committee members, or Partners. 

Start the process

To start the process to become an Accredited member of the DNS Research Federation please complete the following.

  • Send an email to [email protected]. We will only accept or process applications that are sent from a fully verifiable email address. The domain name of your email address should be a proper business or organisational email address with a mature domain name (e.g. not [email protected]).
  • Please state your name, position, and agreement to abide by our Terms of Service
  • Please confirm that you are authorised to act on behalf or your organisation, to commit the organisation to data-sharing terms, and act as an Administrator for others to join from your organisation.
  • Please state your intended use of any data we may share with you or others in your organisation.
  • Please state that name(s) of anyone associated with the DNS Research Federation who is willing to act as a referee for your application.

Thank you for your interest in the DNS Research Federation.