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CENTR Jamboree 2024: Preparing for the NIS2 Directive's Challenges and Impacts

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Join us at the CENTR Jamboree in Copenhagen on Wednesday 29 May at 2:30 PM CEST to discuss the NIS2 Directive and ask the CENTR community how prepared we are for the NIS2 directive.


Lucien Taylor will present the NIS2 tracker which shows the different stages of transposition of the NIS2 Directive for each EU Member State. Marianne Georgelin from Afnic will provide her understanding of the NIS2 Directive for France and particular areas of focus from Article 28. Dirk Jumpertz from EURid will discuss the impact of Article 21 on the supply chain in the DNS Industry.

Moderated by Georgia Osborn, this session will attempt to understand the perspectives of the CENTR Community and their preparedness for the NIS2 Directive.

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