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Net Effects: An evidence-led exploration of IGF impact - Webinar


The DNS Research Federation held a launch event for its report “NET EFFECTS: AN EVIDENCE-LED EXPLORATION OF IGF IMPACT.

Is the Internet Governance Forum (IGF) just a "talking shop", or is it a critical part of the internet governance ecosystem? What tangible impact has the IGF had since its remit was last renewed in 2016, and how should we think about its future?

These are the questions explored in the report which documents the impact generated by the Internet Governance Forum through an evidence-based analysis. The report was produced thanks to support from the UK's Department of Science, Innovation and Technology (DSIT) and covers the period 2016-2023 with an eye to the upcoming WSIS+20 meeting in 2025 where the IGF's remit and future will again be reviewed.

The report is based on interviews with a diverse group of nearly 50 frequent IGF participants combined with analysis and review of over 1,000 IGF documents using AI/ML enhanced text mining techniques.

This one-hour webinar covers key findings from the report including areas of direct and indirect impact on the development of the Internet and Internet-related policies. The webinar also discusses how the IGF has become a crucial and growing connection point and hub for the Internet's multistakeholder community, and has given voice to communities and countries that may otherwise struggle to be heard in the global arena.

Read the full report here