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The Internet Standards Observatory is an initiative by the DNS Research Federation to identify and monitor standards proposals that will shape the future of the Internet.

Internet technical standards are baseline requirements about what protocols and technologies to use to make the Internet work.

They are important because they determine how the Internet is meant to run and operate.

Engagement in the development of Internet standards requires time, technical expertise and resources. These oftentimes prevent the participation of important stakeholders in standards setting processes.

Committed to reducing the barriers to engagement

The Observatory is committed to reducing the barriers to engagement with Internet standards by facilitating the identification of relevant proposals under discussion and providing tools and insights to industry, technical experts and policy makers to engage with those proposals.

Supporting one global, free and open Internet.

The Internet Standards Observatory supports the evolution of Internet standards that support one global, free and open Internet. The vision of the DNS Research Federation is to contribute to the prevention of Internet Fragmentation by encouraging greater engagement from the Internet community in standards development processes.