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Resolver capability testing

Welcome to DNS Research Federation's Resolver Capability Test bed page. This is a demonstration page to facilitate on-demand testing of the DNSRF testbed using the pre-configured tests and applicable domain names. You can also use this page to test other custom domain / test combinations added for your own installations of the Resolver Capability Testing tool.


To trigger a capability test use the following steps.

  1. Choose whether you are using a pre-configured test or one added dynamically.
  2. If using a pre-configured test, simply choose the test and click submit
  3. If using a custom domain / test combination enter both the test type and target domain name and click submit
  4. Navigate to DAP.LIVE to see results from the test as they come in.

Enter the test data

The prototype test to trigger.

The domain name to use for the selected test.

Test diagnostic

Test Type:
{testtype | case 'ipv6' 'IPv6' 'qname-minimisation' 'QName Minimisation' 'tcp-fallback' 'TCP Fallback' 'minimum-ttl' 'Minimum TTL' 'aggressive-nsec' 'Aggressive NSEC' 'dnssec' 'DNSSEC' 'dnssec-unvalidated' 'DNSSEC Unvalidated' 'dnssec-unsigned' 'DNSSEC Unsigned'}
Posted URL:
Request Time:
{state.request.time | date 'YYYY-MM-DD HH:m:s'}

HTTP Request Status

HTTP Request Status

HTTP Request Status

{$parent.state.request.status | equals 'sent' | ternary 'Sent' 'Not Sent'}
Response code:
This test seems to be configured and working as expected. This test seems to be misconfigured. Please check the settings on the testbed. No HTTP request was sent. This does not necessarily mean that the test has failed. Please check the testbed logs to confirm the results.