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We have the following results for the submitted link. Based upon the latest intelligence that we have from blocklist providers we have classified this as an Rated link. Please review our guidance below. If the results do not match your experience or expectations, please contribute to our research and help others by answering the questions below.
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Note this link is not registered - any records below are historic records and the trust rating may no longer apply. This domain should not be routing on the internet and may be available to register.
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How it works

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Not all links can be trusted!

We call 'links' anything that invites you to click on it or copy it, which then takes you to something on the internet, e.g.

  • A link in an email
  • A link in text a message
  • A link in a social media post
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There are many parts to a link

A typical link usually contains a 'top-level domain name' like .com and a '2nd level domain name' - e.g. link, and other parts - e.g. example

  • Different people are responsible for different parts of the link.
  • Yes ... it's confusing!
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Our work separates the good from the bad

As a not for profit the DNS Research Federation has access to security information and industry statistics to assess the 'trustworthiness' of a link. If you have concerns about a link ...

  1. Check it by typing in the box above.
  2. We will display our current trust rating.
  3. If you think this is wrong ... let us know ... you may help others avoid a scam.