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Emily Taylor gives evidence on Ransomware to the United Kingdom Parliament

On 24 April 2023, Emily Taylor gave evidence on ransomware to the UK parliamentary Joint Committee on National Security Strategy alongside Aidan Larkin, Jamie MacColl and John Carlin. The session focused on international cooperation, definitions of ransomware - is it cybercrime, a national security threat, or both?

The Committee examined the role of cryptocurrencies in the ransomware ecosystem, but did not touch on the role of domain names at all.

Domains are often part of the delivery mechanism ( eg phishing attacks) or associated with command and control mechanisms during ransomware attacks. The DNS tends to remain under the radar despite being part of the ecosystem. Changes in the WHOIS after the publicly available data was reduced following the coming into force of GPDR had a small but significant adverse impact on cross border investigations. Is it possible to respect privacy and human rights, while also enabling law enforcement, national security and others to share evidence across borders?

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