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Installation of Tests

New test sessions can be installed using the following command:

resolvertest install TEST_TYPE DOMAIN_NAME TEST_PARAMS….

This will install a session of the specified type for the specified domain name.  TEST_PARAMS may also be required for specific tests (please refer to the Test Guide for specific parameters)

Only one concurrent session may exist per domain name (to avoid inconsistencies and conflicts between different test types) and this will be checked for. It is also necessary that the domain name be first configured with delegated nameservers matching those configured using the global-configuration command (see below).

If no other options are supplied the server configuration will be applied immediately and the test will be marked with a status of ACTIVE

The following optional flags may be passed to the install command to further refine the behaviour:

–testkey KEY - A user friendly identifier for this test. If not set, a key will be generated automatically. 

–description DESCRIPTION - This allows a description to be associated with the test which will be printed when the tests are listed.

–starts STARTTIME - A start time in YYYY-MM-DD format (optionally with a HH:MM time component). If this is set, the server will not be configured immediately but instead the test will be set to a status of PENDING and will be configured and activated at the time specified here via the scheduler.

–expires EXPIRYTIME - An expiry time in YYYY-MM-DD format (optionally with a HH:MM time component). If not set, the test will run indefinitely or until manually stopped (see below). If set, the scheduler will effect a stop and unapply the server configuration at the time specified.

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