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Manage Nameserver sets

Sets of nameservers for use in specific tests can be added removed and listed. It is generally required to have a default set of nameservers but for specific tests e.g. for ipv6 routing only it may be necessary to supply alternative nameservers.

Listing Nameserver sets

To list the current sets of installed nameservers use the following command:

resolvertest nameservers-show

This will display the current sets of defined nameservers as per the display below where the nameserver set key appears first followed by the comma separated list of nameservers defined for that set.

Adding Nameserver sets

New nameserver sets can be added by using the following command

resolvertest nameservers-add KEY NAMESERVERS

Where KEY identifies the key for the set to be added e.g. default and NAMESERVERS is a comma separated list of nameservers e.g.,

Deleting Nameserver sets

Nameserver sets can be deleted by issuing the following command

resolvertest nameservers-delete KEY

Where KEY identifies the key of the set to be deleted

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