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Update of Existing Tests

Certain properties of existing test sessions can be updated using the following command:

resolvertest update KEY

Where KEY identifies the test key for the test to update. Any of the following optional flags can be passed to update specific properties

–description DESCRIPTION - Set or update a description associated with the test which will be printed when the tests are listed.

–starts STARTTIME - A start time in YYYY-MM-DD format (optionally with a HH:MM time component). This can only be updated on tests in PENDING status to modify the future start time.

–expires EXPIRYTIME - An expiry time in YYYY-MM-DD format (optionally with a HH:MM time component). If not set, the test will run indefinitely or until manually stopped (see below). If set, the scheduler will effect a stop and unapply the server configuration at the time specified. A special value of NEVER can be supplied to remove the expiry time.