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Introduction to DAP.LIVE

DAP.LIVE - our popular database platform providing tools to combine, query, save macros, analyse, generate dashboards, set notifications, share and create APIs all from your desktop.

About DAP

The DAP offers a new gateway for developers, statisticians, researchers and managers to explore a comprehensive database of information about the domain name system. Offering customisable dashboards with charts and graphs, and APIs to integrate into your systems.

The Domain Name System (DNS) plays a critical role as part of the Internet’s unique identifiers, making sense of internet protocol addresses, providing a myriad of email addresses and valuable names to brands online. The DNS is recognized as part of critical communication infrastructure in nations around the globe. Presently, valuable information about the DNS is fragmented, poorly governed, of sometimes poor quality and non-authoritative. Some providers closely guard their data assets, or in some cases seek to monetize data derived through dubious methods. However, good quality data from multiple sources and perspectives is necessary for high quality research on the DNS.

The DAP offers:

Access to comprehensive & real-time information

A neutral data trust for machine learning

Tailored data-sets feeding charts, graphs and metrics around the DNS

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